2018 Jaguar F-TYPE vs. 2018 Nissan GT-R

2018 Jaguar F-TYPE
2018 Nissan GT-R

The 2018 Jaguar F-TYPE is a stunning luxury vehicle that offers Schaumburg drivers an accessible alternative to overpriced competitors like the 2018 Nissan GT-R thanks to:

  • More Affordable Pricing
  • Better Standard Audio
  • Convenient Parking Assist
  • Two Available Body Styles

Read on to learn why more Hoffman Estates drivers choose the Jaguar model over the Nissan.

Jaguar F-TYPE vs. Nissan GT-R: Value

Schaumburg drivers know that with the Jaguar F-TYPE you get what you pay for, but, unlike the Nissan GT-R, Jaguar owners are left with quite a bit extra to play with, too:

  • The stunning Jaguar F-TYPE has a base price of $59,900 MSRP, and the supercharged V6 convertible trim starts at just $86,000 MSRP.
  • The Nissan GT-R, on the other hand, has a base price of $99,900 MSRP, with the NISMO edition starting at $175,490 MSRP-more than double the price of the Jaguar!
2018 Jaguar F-TYPE Driving

Jaguar F-TYPE vs. Nissan GT-R: Amenities

Not only can Jaguar drivers choose between coupe and convertible body styles, they also have access to advanced features that the coupe-only Nissan GT-R doesn't offer:

  • The Jaguar features a standard 12-speaker 380W Meridian sound system with deep bass subwoofers, as well as conveniences like a rear parking aid.
  • The Nissan GT-R is equipped with only a standard six-speaker audio system (the Nissan 370Z, too, lacks in amenities) and fails to offer a rear parking aid to assist drivers.
2018 Jaguar F-TYPE Highway

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